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Welcome to Marc On Demand

The Exclusive Video on Demand Service at MarcWilliamsXXX.com

Thanks for checking out Marc's videos.  This information is for first time users of Marc On Demand.

Clips available at MarcWilliamsXXX On Demand are categorized in the menu on the left.  To view a clip, you need to have a  Token Wallet account.  You can set up a Token Wallet account by visiting the Token Purchase Page -- just click on the link that says "Purchase VOD Tokens" and the Token Purchase Page will come up.  Select the quantity of tokens you wish to purchase by clicking on the graphic for that quantity, then you'll be taken to a CCBill page to enter your credit card information and complete the token purchase process.  You will be asked to create a Username and Password to access your Token Wallet Account as part of the token purchase process.  If you are a member of MarcWilliamsXXX.com, you can use your existing membership Username and Password, or you may select a different Username and Password; it doesn't matter which you choose.  Membership at MarcWilliamsXXX.com is not required to use Marc On Demand, but members do get discounted token prices.

Once you have purchased tokens and, in the process, set up your Token Wallet account, select the video clip you want to see and navigate through to the page that says "Download."  When you click on the "Download" link, you'll be asked to SAVE the clip to your hard drive.  We recommend you save it to the desktop, but you can choose another location on your computer if you desire.  The clip will then download to your hard drive.

These clips are sized big and are very rich and colorful.  Because of this, they are large files (generally, 250-300 MB).  The download process will take a few minutes.  However, once downloaded you can view the clip(s) over and over again without ever having to wait on a download stream again.  A high speed internet connection is required to download a clip; it would take forever on a dial-up connection.

Once downloaded, just click on the name of the clip from your computer desktop (or other location on your computer, wherever you saved the clip), and a Windows Media Player will open.  You will then be prompted to enter your Token Wallet Username and Password, after which you will authorize the deduction of tokens from your Token Wallet to cover the rental expense for the clip.  Once you've done this, a license to play the clip is granted and the "Play" button will appear.  Click on "Play" to play the clip.  Once you have spent the tokens and been granted the license to play the clip, you can play it whenever you want during the rental period, even if you are not online at the time.  You'll never have to enter your Username or Password again to see the clip during the rental period.  When the rental period is up, you can easily rent the clip again, without having to download it again.  Our standard rental period is 30 days.

Please note that the clips are encoded using Microsoft's Digital Rights Management encryption.  Because of this, they will not play on Mac computers.  A Windows computer operating on Windows XP or Windows Me is required. 

We appreciate your decision to visit Marc On Demand, our video on demand section.  If you have any questions, we're happy to help you.  Just write to us at   CustomerService@MarcWilliamsXXX.com for assistance.